Chances for development of multimodal transportation
Safety and security of transport processes

Warsaw, August 24th 2012 • Warsaw Marriott Hotel

Those responsible for organizing deliveries of goods or, in other words, for functioning a company’s transport system,  are busy every day solving many problems of variable gravity, which our economic reality brings us. From time to time they manage to put some innovation to routine tasks or implement changes required by changing legal environment. There is little time to adopt interesting solutions or administrative changes connected to transportation.

And yet in times of slowdown of economies a need of finding such logistical solutions that enable deliveries to reach customers in due time without increasing operational costs becomes more and more crucial.

We believe that our conference constitutes a concentrate of knowledge which is not only important but also simply necessary to prepare such solutions. We concentrate on carefully chosen topics of intermodal transportation and safety and security of carryings, to yield new knowledge in daily struggle with tough reality of transport and logistics.

Last year brought a significant increase of share of rail transportation within container traffic and this trend seems to be stable. As always is freight rate regarded as a crucial market condition, but for a growing number of big and middle size companies is question of reliability and externalities of transportation (i.e. friendliness to environment) more and more important. 

Another very important aspect connected to transportation and its multimodality is problem of safety and security of transport operations. Indeed, the cost of security measures introduced after 11.9. is considerably higher due to changing regulation on domestic as well as international transport markets.

We do hope that during Forum Euro TSL 2012 we will be able to give you at least a handful of answers and a discussion, to which we invite you, will help even more intensive development of transportation as well as increase of security. 

We cordially invite you to participate in Forum!

Maciej Brzozowski, Dariusz Kardas, Jacek Piechota

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